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In Dallas, a man who was impersonating a police officer was arrested. He pulled over a Dallas police officer. The authorities are waiting to hear of any cases where this man was involved. The felon, Charles Troutman of Mesquite, stopped a police officer unknowingly. The officer was headed east before meeting Charles in Interstate 30 near Dolphin Road at 4 A.M. The perpetrator was in a red Chevrolet pickup truck that had the red and blue police lights. The officer was wary of the vehicle. He followed the offender to Mesquite and had him detained.

What would be your reaction when you see one bad tow truck towing another tow truck and it so happens that both are from the same company? Well, it happens that the truck being towed was impersonating the company trucks, as it was not one of the company’s trucks. The driver has a lot to answer for at end if it all.

I met my current boyfriend on an online dating site called DarkX & Black. I’m white and he’s black. He talked about how difficult it was doing online dating as a black person and that racism was alive and well online. I had two thoughts: ‘wow, that’s awful,’ and ‘please tell me that you didn’t just settle by picking my profile!’ Fortunately, the latter was not the case.

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